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Reason #10,045 Why I Love Living In California

Posted by Shawn L on January 9, 2008

 The flyer says it all (click on the red link below to see it):

Stake Conference Invite

Feast upon a Double Double, then feast upon the word!

(FYI:  I’m not nearly savvy enough to figure out how to put the flyer image in the post.)


2 Responses to “Reason #10,045 Why I Love Living In California”

  1. Kerry K. said

    Things like this make me ache to get back. Please take some pictures of the In-n-Out catering truck and the activity…would love to see how it went.

  2. Shawn L said


    We were all fed Double-Doubles, bags of chips and loads of soda (all of which, unfortunately, was caffiene-free). There was also a huge dessert table. We all gorged ourselves. Even better than the food, however, was the company. I can’t remeber the last time we had a Stake social. It was really a lot of fun.

    As an added benefit, the meeting was great. The highlight: one of the counslors in our Stake Presidency cribbed Eugene Engalnd for a message about why the Church “is as true as” the Gospel. Nice to hear my all-time favorite essay quoted from the pulpit.

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