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Making Peace With The Easter Bunny

Posted by Shawn L on March 21, 2008

eb.jpgAfter a year off, the Easter Bunny is scheduled to make a return visit to our home this weekend.  My wife and I, parents of three young daughters, have been mulling over this decision for the past few weeks and, quite honestly, it may change in the next 48 hours.   Last year, we decided we were giving up the Easter Bunny altogether on the notion that it unnecessarily drew attention away from the more sacred aspects of the holiday.  Not a bad idea in principle, right?  Well . . .

Looking back, we went a bit overboard — no egg hunt at our house (we participated in the neighborhood egg hunt the day before), no baskets or gifts, and only a bit of candy.  The problem was, we neglected to discuss this change in approach with our children in advance. 

So, on Easter morning, my oldest came downstairs and looked all over for her Easter basket.  After a few frustrating minutes, she came to me and asked whether the Easter Bunny had come.  I broke the news to her — the Easter Bunny is not real, I told her in the gentlest way I could.  The news did not come as too much of a surprise because, as she explained, she never quite figured out why a rabbit would be passing out eggs (not to mention the mystery of how the EB would have come into the possession of that many eggs in the first place).  We had a nice chat about Easter, and she seemed to get it.  However, she ended our conversation by asking, “But Santa is real, right.”  Coward that I am, my answer was, “Of course.”

For this year, my wife and I (to be honest, mostly my wife) had planned a short Easter program, which involved scripture reading and hymn singing.  Given other, more pressing concerns (illness, piano lessons, soccer games, etc.), we never found time to focus on putting the program together.  So, we have decided to scale it down a bit.  Plus, after much nagging from our girls, we have decided to relent and give Easter baskets again.   Welcoming the Easter Bunny back into our lives certainly will detract a bit from the sacred tone of our day, but let me tell you,  what these baskets will lack in spirituality, they will more than make up for in pure peace of mind.  

So, as you head into the weekend, how do your and family plan to celebrate Easter?  How do you reconcile the spiritual with the secular (or do you even care)? 


4 Responses to “Making Peace With The Easter Bunny”

  1. My approach on Santa and the Easter Bunny is complete honesty. We talk about how it is a fun symbol of the holiday. We’ve tried to keep our Easter sacred by doing egg hunts, candy, etc. on Saturday and programs, singing, Church and so forth on Sunday. This has worked well for us for many years.

  2. Stan Way said

    Haha…I’m still laughing over your reply to the Santa question.

    My wife and I are newly married though, and deeply divided over how to approach our dear friends Santa and the Easter Bunny. My wife is all for the egg hunts and milk and cookies, where as I believe in a more honest yet engaging approach as given by Bored…

    Perhaps I’ll change once we have kids. But for now, I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with it ;o)

  3. bob said

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  4. Karsten said

    I can see christmas coming this year in December LOL

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