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Can a Mormon be a Christian?

Posted by Kerry on March 27, 2008

It’s that age-old question: are Mormons Christians? It seems like every time I read an LDS news website or happen across a Christian blog, one of the topics that always boils to the top is whether the Christian world considers Mormons as sitting inside or outside the revival tent.

This question usually comes down to how each individual party defines the word Christian. Some say it is defined as a disciple of the biblical Christ, others as a member of a protestant church, others define it as a person who has “accepted Christ as their personal Savior” (which I, as a Mormon, have done), while others say that unless you have a cross on your church you cannot be considered a Christian.

What do I say? I don’t care if they think we are Christians.

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Honest Disagreement with Church Policy and Doctrine

Posted by Kerry on March 18, 2008

Last month, the Church released a statement regarding Peter Danzig’s (a member of the Church’s Orchestra at Temple Square in SLC) public disagreement surrounding same-gender marriage.[1] It appears that Peter and his wife were very active members of the Church, serving and attending in their local ward. But they disagreed with a 1st Presidency letter sent to local leaders back in 2006 “urging members to ‘express themselves’ on a forthcoming vote in the United States Senate relating to the definition of marriage.”[2]

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On Being A Mormon Democrat

Posted by Shawn L on February 1, 2008

Over Christmas break, I attended my in-laws’ ward in Logan, UT.  The Gospel Doctrine class was filled to capacity with approximately 50-60 people of all ages.  The lesson was on the Book of Revelations, which admittedly is not an easy subject.   The teacher, a young guy no older than 25, handled it in a fairly rote fashion, leading a class discussion about the “signs of the end times” seen in the U.S.’s rapidly-devolving-into-pure-evil popular culture.   He hit all of the usual suspects:  abortion, gay marriage, naughty television shows, etc.   Then, he held up a picture from the front page of the local paper showing a picture of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Photo in hand, he said something to the effect of, the fact that either one of these folks could lead this nation is surely sign of the latter days.  The teacher said that while he wasn’t necessarily taking a partisan stand, the scriptures make clear that, in the final days, wolves in sheeps’ clothing would rise to power and we should be on guard.  All heads nodded in knowing agreement.

This, unfortunately, was not an isolated incident.  Over the years, I have witnessed numerous other instances of Democrat/liberal bashing in Church.  You likely have seen a few yourself.   I say, enough is enough!  It is high time that those of us on the left of the politial spectrum make our voices heard.

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The Sources and Potential Results of Today’s Anti-Mormon Bigotry

Posted by Andrew on January 7, 2008

Last weekend, New York Times Magazine featured an article entitled “What Is It About Mormonism?”, which provides an in-depth examination of the sources of bigotry against Mormonism, both historically and today as highlighted by the reaction in some quarters to Mitt Romney’s candidacy.  The article was brought to my attention by esteemed reader Chris H., who had the following insightful comments to share: Read the rest of this entry »

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So You Think Romney Gives Mormons A Bad Name . . .

Posted by Shawn L on January 4, 2008

Ol’ Brother Romney has nothing on Glenn Beck, CNN’s conservative windbag.*  Don’t believe me?  Then check out this video, released today, in which Beck rambles on (and on and on) about his recent medical scare.  If he was not on some serious medication at the time of taping, he should starting taking something immediately.  My issue with Beck (and his ilk), however, runs deeper. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mormon Jeopardy Champ Responds to Anti-Mormon Mudslingers

Posted by Andrew on January 4, 2008

My friend Chris sent me an op-ed piece printed in the New York Daily News in which Ken Jennings, of former Jeopardy fame, pleads to the politicians and media pundits to stop slandering his Mormon faith.  You can read it here.  This line was my personal favorite:

“The truth, Huck, is that Mormons believe that God is the Father of us all, which does, I guess, in some sense, make Jesus and Satan brothers. And by the same logic, we also believe that Moses and Orville Redenbacher and Attila the Hun and Neil Diamond are brothers. Happy now?”

After reading his piece, tell us how you think he did.

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What’s Wrong with the Mormons?

Posted by Jon on December 26, 2007

Thanks to our lively political scene with Romney and “Mormons” in one corner, and Huckabee and “Baptists” in another, a great article was debated in an article on Slate.com. I recognize Slate is not the best source for accuracy on the LDS faith, but in this case it brought up some very interesting points about the Baptist faith and the LDS faith, and why they just can’t seem to get along.

The article hit close to home as I, like many others, was persecuted by several Baptist Preachers while serving as a missionary in the Marseille, France mission (now the Toulouse, France mission). It was hard for me to see these men so vehemently lash out at me simply because I was Mormon. Never in all the years I went to church did I ever hear a bishop, ecclesiastical leader or even Sunday school teacher put down, bash or otherwise accost another faith. It is simply not an LDS practice, something I appreciate as discussions of that sort do not invite the spirit.

However, the article did get me thinking about other reasons why Baptist leaders may feel the need to warn their congregations about Mormons, one that makes sense to me in my line of work as a marketing communicator. I’ll illustrate my point with this brief story: Read the rest of this entry »

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Would Having a Mormon U.S. President Be Good For Mormons?

Posted by Andrew on December 18, 2007

As I see it, here are the Pros and Cons for Mormons of having a Mormon U.S. President: Read the rest of this entry »

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